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Nivo Controls offers a complete solution for tank farm inventory management. The system comprises of a mechanical level gauge that works with a float to measure the level in the tank with high accuracy. For accurate inventory management, it is important to measure the temperature of the liquid in the tank. A temperature sensing device measures the average temperature of the tank using a Pt-100 element.

A digital data transmitter is coupled to the mechanical gauge. This transmitter also accepts the input from the temperature sensor and transmits the level and temperature information over a single two core cable to the control room. The transmitter is available with intrinsically safe electronics or explosion proof housing and hence can be used in hazardous locations.

In the control room, a microprocessor based Digital data receiver is used to capture and display the data from a maximum of 10 transmitters. This device sequentially scans the data from the transmitters and updates the records in milliseconds. A single channel data receiver is also available, which can be installed at the tank side for local indication of level and temperature.

The data receiver can be connected to a printer to directly print out the records or it can be connected to a computer via RS 232 C. A powerful and user friendly software runs on the computer allowing easy monitoring of the data obtained from the data receiver. The graphical display permits easy readability of the tank data.

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